Width 410 mm
It is a splendid picture that can feel the beauty of harmony.

The two pine trees were strong and looked up at the pine
A gentle atmosphere is transmitted from the crane which stands in the waterside.

Make use of this product as a fixture to make the times quiet.

Price is 1 price (2 sets).

A professional craftsman at our company

The completion of confirmation of looseness of the wrinkles of the fittings by using age.
In the long term perspective, when it is necessary to be based on our criteria,
The repairing work necessary is carried out.

After the order, the payment was completed
We use "free long term storage service".
For more information, seeAbout free long-term storage servicesSee.

Size 410 x 30 x 1007
Mm / WDH
Width: 18 sun
Age -
Material Hinoki
Shipping form TA-Q-BIN 180 size
Taisho to early Showa period

Shoin E9629

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