Product Rate Pen (Tax)
Width a: 1661 mm (on photo), b: 1648 mm (below picture)

It has a deep flavor with the addition of old colors, which have been the most important in the past.

The crane and the pine tree were elegant and elegant;
We bring together a sense of time and bring together a room in the top.

You can install a wooden frame and use it as a transom.
It's on the wall. It's on the wall.
Please help create an atmosphere of harmony.

I would like to introduce you to the atmosphere at that time.

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Size a: 1661x10x294
b: 1648x10x294 (mm/wdh) /1
Period Taisho - early Showa
Materials cedar
Types of shipping Seino Transportation 30kg
西濃運輸 30kg

Ranma material E9583ab

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