365 mm wideProduct Rate Pen (Tax)
This is a gentle impression made by slippery crosspieces that are smooth and smooth at the corner.

It fits into a square space like a window,
It seems that various parts of the material can be used to make use of simple shapes.

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A craftsman specializing in our company's workshop

We have completed the loosening of the doors and the loosening of the fittings by the use of longitude.
In addition, when it is determined that it is necessary based on our standards, it is necessary to stand on a long-term basis.
We are carrying out the necessary construction work to tighten the necessary equipment.

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Size 365x30x730
(mm/wdh) /1 sheet
Period Taisho - early Showa(about 100 years old)
Materials -
Types of shipping TA-Q-BIN 140 size.
宅急便 140サイズ

Small fittings E9090

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