Width A: 1260 mm (photo on photo) [sold]
B: 1248 mm (Photo lower)
Castle and bridge that feels traditional tastes, scenery of water side
It is drawn by a lone line that makes the perspective without using a frame.

The texture that has been colored and colored is added.

How about an interior that feels warmth of a tree?

We will introduce you at the time of the atmosphere at that time.

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size A: 1260x11x215
B: 1248x11x215
(MM / WDH) / 1 sheet
Age Taisho-early Showa early
Material Cedar
Dispatch form TA-Q-BIN ,180 sizes
Taisho to early Showa period

Mid-sized field interior interior material E8730AB stock (A: 0 B: 1) Photo

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