Width 1312 mm a: photo on b: photo below
Let me take a peek at the emotional scenery of Japanese, such as castles and bridges, in the shape of a fan,
The surroundings were finely filled with seven treasure patterns,
It has become a very delicate built-in.

You can love the scenery that spreads from the small window of the fan,
Please help us to make a peaceful Japanese room.

Because it is finished, you can use it immediately.

The price is one piece.

Because there are two kinds of a, b and a by the pattern difference,
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1312x30x413 (mm/wdh)/1枚
Taisho to early Showa period

A medium-sized inter-column E7717ab stock (a:1 b:1) with stunning seven treasure patterns reflected in the motif of the fan



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