869 millimeters in width a: It is b: in a photograph (five paulownias) Photograph bottom (six paulownias)
In I arranged the member of a group designs of the paulownia and wore with the Kuroki frames, making it
There is a refined look.

Give a member of a group design of traditional attraction in the crosspiece of a bare wood-colored bright hue
I raise the taste of the sum.

How about being considered to be the interior housing part of the making of refined atmosphere?

Because it has been finished, you can utilize it immediately.

A price is one piece of price.

Because there are a, b and two kinds in the difference in pattern,
Please fill it out on the occasion of an order in the remarks column of the destination form input screen.

When, after an order, I relate to the product which had I pay and complete,
Because there is "free long-term safekeeping service" in us, please use it.
When I relate to detailed contents,About "free long-term safekeeping service"Give me をご 覧.
869x25x323 (mm/wdh)/1 piece Frame: 18   Inner inch: 305
Taisho to early Showa period
宅急便 140サイズ

Especular small-sized column in black frame E7518AB Stock (A: 1 B: 0) Photo

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