Width: 1644 millimeters (photo: castle and pine) b: 1640 mm (photo below: Iwayama pagoda) [sold] [sold]
The color of the colossal scorching brown color was found.
and engraved the landscape of castles and towers, which were pity of the sum,
It has a rin-like atmosphere and an emotional face.

with a wooden frame and a row of railings,
Please make allowance for the creation of an atmosphere of harmony.

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a:1644x10x282 b:1640x10x282 (mm/wdh)/1枚
Taisho to early Showa period
西濃運輸 30kg

E7499ab inventory (a: 1 b: 0) for transom material which is familiar with the scenery of castles and towers in a gorgeous tone.



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