2,331 millimeters in width a: Sold, b: Photograph bottom
There is the length that is more wonderful than a normal carved wooden panel above paper sliding door,
Watermarks board and the design of the crossbar a design utilized the space in the wooden frame without a feeling of pressure,
I let you feel a room to be wide by a feeling of opening showing neighboring space.

Bare wood-colored gentle color taste adds bloom and,
The pattern of the bamboo sparrow creates an elegant view.

How about for the making of room based on the sum?

Because it has been finished, you can utilize it immediately.

A price is one piece of price.

Because it is different in a pattern, and there are a, b and two kinds,
Please fill it out on the occasion of an order in the remarks column of the destination form input screen.

When I use Seino Transportation,
Because designation is not possible in time for delivery, please understand it.

When, after an order, I relate to the product which had I pay and complete,
Because there is "free long-term safekeeping service" in us, please use it.
When I relate to detailed contents,About "free long-term safekeeping service"Give me をご 覧.
2331x28x372 (mm/wdh) /1
Taisho to early Showa period
西濃運輸 40kg

2,331 millimeters in width! Lengthiness of a reel of film or tape carved wooden panel above paper sliding door E7265ab stock (a: where a pattern and the bare wood color of the bamboo sparrow are refined 0 b: 1)枚

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