Width 865 mm Product unit price 9900 yen (tax included)
3rd photo from a to f,
The 4th photo has alphabets from g to j, so
Please check.
h has been sold.

Against the background of the grate of the cross rail with a gentle face,
Bamboo and sparrow relief decorations are stylishly added to create a tasteful atmosphere.

How about creating a Japanese atmosphere in your room or shop?

As it is finished, you can use it immediately.

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There are 9 types, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, i, j, depending on the pattern.
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865x27x404 (mm / wdh) / 1 frame: 21,: h388
Early Showa period

A small column of Bamboo County column E7241A-J (H-Seded) 9 pieces set



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