A geometric set of geometric children with a classy face with a width of 393 mm wood base color is a retro Shoin door with stylish glass.

A delicate and unique sko pattern at the top,
At the bottom, a simple kumiko pattern with vertical bars is incorporated into the diamond lattice.
It is a wonderful gem to make gorgeous and elegant.

How about interior fittings that also serve as a style of Japanese atmosphere?

Width height can be processed.

Professional craftsmen in our own workshop
We have completed the confirmation of loosening and wobbly of the fittings by using them over time.
In addition, from a long-term perspective, when we determine that it is necessary based on our standards,
We are carrying out the necessary re-tightening of fittings.

The price is the price of one pair (two sets).

If you use Yamato flights,
Because it is not possible to specify the time of delivery, thank you for your approval.

For products that have been paid for after your order,
There is a "free long-term storage service" at our company, so please use it by all means.
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393x30x1045 (mm/wdh)/1 piece Frame: 38
Early Showa period

Best!! Geometric glass door set E5226 2 pieces in stock



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