A large spherical hat is placed in the center.
The surrounding area is decorated with three modern hats,
The design is full of elegance while firmly supporting each hat.
This is a wonderful lighting fixture that can become the focal point of your space.

A watermark pattern appears on the heavy metal frame,
Golden decorations are scattered everywhere, so
It creates a sophisticated sense of the times.

It will look good even in halls such as entrances, so
Please use it to create a gorgeous Japanese space.

Light bulb not included.

Total weight is 11Kg.

Light bulb not included.

Due to the large size of the product,
Regarding shipping costs, we will contact you later once we know the delivery address.

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We have a "free long-term storage service", so please take advantage of it.
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size Diameter:800xH700(mm)
era Taisho to early Showa period
Material glass
Shipping form -
西濃運輸 180kg

Chandelier DC4503

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