The features of the face are clearly drawn with deep grooves.
With a gesture that looks like he's looking up.
I wonder what I'm looking at ahead of my gaze.

Carefully sculpt the body and the wrinkles of the clothes.
The construction that takes advantage of the heathered grain is attractive.

How about using it as an item to create a Japanese space?

Please note that ornamental plants are not included in the product.

The price is for one set (main body, bookmark, box set).

For products for which payment has been completed after ordering,
We have a "free long-term storage service", so please take advantage of it.
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size Body: 120x110x280
box: 140x120x300 (mm/wdh)
era -
Material -
Shipping form TA-Q-BIN 80 size
宅急便 80サイズ

Antique tool (Daruma) DC4501

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