Reduce the ground contact area on the bottom
It has a dome shape that maintains a delicate balance.

The height is kept to about 50mm.
While maintaining balance,
You can put various things inside.

Store small fruits and leafy vegetables,
Confectionery such as rice crackers and Japanese sweets are placed on it.
There are many ways to use it and it seems to be useful.

As an item for the kitchen or tea time
Please use it to create a Japanese atmosphere.

Please note that ornamental plants are not included in the product.

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We have a "free long-term storage service", so please take advantage of it.
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size Diameter: 300xH50 (mm)
era Taisho to early Showa period
Material bamboo
Shipping form TA-Q-BIN 80 size
宅急便 80サイズ

縦横に浮かぶ編み目模様が素敵な丸ザル DC4432

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