Because we use a solid cedar board material,
There is a sense of feeling and presence.

On the front, the characters at that time are too remaining,
The texture of the age of the whole is wonderful.

Insert a branch blooming seasonal flowers,
While decorating natural things such as dry flowers,
Please use it to create an atmosphere of your room and shop.

Please note that houseplants are not included in the product.

After ordering, for the product that you have completed payment,
Please use "free long-term storage service" at our company.
For details,"Free long-term storage service"Please refer to the.

size 143x86x590 (mm / wdh)
Age Meiji ~ Taisho
Material Cedar
Dispatch form TA-Q-BIN 100 sizes
宅急便 100サイズ

Antique Tools DC1774

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