Dark brown metal mixed with black persimmon texture containing black color flavor
The quality of each other is drawn out.

Because it is a drawer with the shallow structure of the bottom
It is good for storing the stationery, and
The small size gives a feeling of existence to the space.

How is the arrangement of small things taking into consideration the age?

It is finished, so you can use it immediately.

Please note that the plant is not included in the product.

After the order, the payment was completed
We use "free long term storage service".
For more information, seeAbout free long-term storage servicesSee.

Size 200x285 x 205 (mm / WDH)
Age Taisho - early Showa
Material ebony
Shipping form TA-Q-BIN 100 size
宅急便 100サイズ

Small Chest DC1149

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