Among brazier is often painted flower pattern, etc.,
This is a rare article depicting the figure frolic different puppies our hair color,
It is cute appearance even if viewed from anywhere is pleasing.

In the trimmed surface in the deep blue,
Vermilion color when the person becomes an accent,
I have a very vivid Omomochi.

How in the interior of the sum.

After your order, commodity we received complete payment,
Because there is "free long-term storage services" at our company, please use by all means.
For further information content,"About Free long-term storage services."Please refer to the.

size Diameter: 440xH315 (mm)
Era Taisho - early Showa
Material porcelain
Shipping Form TA-Q-BIN 160 size
宅急便 160サイズ

Brazier DB9731

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