Large-sized cherry blossoms bloom in full bloom,
It draws a wealth of views by combining two fixtures.

Because it feels like a kazu modern atmosphere,
It is also used as a building material for creative furniture,

As it is, even if it is an interior, you can create a flower-like atmosphere.

Because it is a nice fitting with design,
Please use it for the creation of a comfortable space.

As it is finished, it can be used immediately.

Price is a price per set (2 pieces set).

After ordering, for the product that you have completed payment,
Please use "free long-term storage service" at our company.
For details, regarding the details,"About free long-term storage service"Please refer to the.

size 220x10x700 (mm / wdh) / 1 sheet
Age Taisho-early Showa
Material -
Dispatch form TA-Q-BIN 120 sizes
宅急便 120サイズ

Antique Tool DB9520

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