The length of the strut is 1350 mm and has a very strong presence,
The ceiling is high, and it is a large lighting fixture that does not look inferior even in a large space.

(The strut length can be adjusted.) Please consult us about your desired length dimensions. )

A thin chain hangs, and a watermark pattern is added to the frame of the metal fittings full of profound feeling,
Because I have decorated the details in detail,
The robustness of history and the goodness of the goods are transmitted.

When the light is turned on, three milky white hates release a soft light,
Aoi Crest, which would have been dazzling in golden color at that time, now shines dullly,
It creates a tasteful atmosphere.

Please use it to create a comfortable room where you can spend time comfortably.

It weighs 7Kg.

Light bulbs are not included.

If you use Seino flight,
We cannot specify the time of delivery, so please understand.

For products that have been paid for after ordering,
We have a "free long-term storage service", so please use it by all means.
As for the details,"About free long-term storage service"For more information, see

Size Kasa: Diameter 190xH180 (mm) / 1pc
Overall: Diameter 800x1500 (mm)
Age 1912-1912
Material Brass
Shipping form Seino Transport Co., Ltd. 180kg
西濃運輸 180kg

Extra large size! ! Three-lamp chandelier DB8636

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