a: 50cm size b: 38cm size c: 30cm size

For things of 38cm size, the width of the scale is different from the other two.
Because the width of the scale is a different ruler
Please be careful when using.

It is an old-fashioned product made with bamboo neatly arranged and calibrated.
It came in handy in study and work.

It can still be used in active service.
How about it as a prop such as sewing and work?

The price is the price of one pair (three sets).

For products that have been paid for after your order,
There is a "free long-term storage service" at our company, so please use it by all means.
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a:500x24x3 b:380x21x2 c:300x24x3(mm/wdh)
宅急便 60サイズ

Bamboo ruler DB8340abc 3 pairs useful for crafts, dressmaking, etc.

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