A snow-cave-shaped hat with a traditional silhouette that shows a relaxed view
There is a taste of Japanese in the metal fittings that Hanabishi pattern is lined up straight.

The condition of the tassel hanging down is also gorgeous、
You can feel the elegance and goodness of goods.

A gentle light spreads throughout the room
Please spend a relaxing time.

For safety, we have replaced it with a new instrument.
Mouthpiece size E26, fits bulb up to 60W (LED is also available), cord length is about 50cm.
Light bulbs are not included.

After your order, regarding the product that you have completed payment、
We have a"free long-term storage service", so please use it by all means.
For details、"About free long-term storage service」Please refer to our Privacy Policy.
Hat: Diameter: 240xH170 Full length (room with む): H360 (mm)
Taisho to early Showa period
宅急便 100サイズ

Elegant and elegant snow cave-shaped tassel with Hanabishi body-winding metal fittings DB6107



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