I put the alphabet from a to I on the second picture
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Because it collects beautifully good things such as a straw, a fan, and a turtle, and is beautifully carved.
Taking care of the hand and making it polite.
Heart is gentle to a Japanese pattern.

How about making atmosphere in a room or a shop?

Price is one price.

Please note that the dish is not included in the item.

I have B, D, F and I in different sizes and sizes
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130-270x85 to 116x40-50 (mm/wdh) /1
Taisho to early Showa period
宅急便 60サイズ

A delicious confectionery db5128a-i Inventory (B: 1D: 1F: 1I: 0), which made beautiful design of Engi



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