Make a certain stylish look decoration on the side although being simple
Sauce and a flow of the glaze are combined with a design to make, and the atmosphere that is 雅 increases.

Around as for the silhouette with the amiability
Taste and the taste of the sum are wonderful by the design which there is.

As a certain atmosphere interior of the sum
In addition, how about to the umbrella closets of the storefront and the door?

When, after an order, I relate to the product which had I pay and complete,
Because there is "free long-term safekeeping service" in us, please use it.
When I relate to detailed contents,About "free long-term safekeeping service"Give me をご 覧.
Diameter: 330xH410 (mm)
宅急便 160サイズ

Small tortoise DB4782 of the appearance that is simple for simple decoration



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