We're designing hexagons,
The coloured glass of green and ambar, alternately mixed with each other, together,
It is a bright and colorful illumination with a sense of retro-fluming.

in the posture of a thick, hard metal frame,
and the graceful ornamentation of the tulips was done.
Beauty, which is heavy and delicate, is one of the charms of the world.

Use this as a lighting fixture to help you add a glitch in the hall or in the store's key.

The light bulb is not attached.

The weight is 5Kg.

If you take advantage of the Yamato service,
Delivery time cannot be specified, so please accept the request.

After your order, we have received your payment with respect to the product.
We have a "free-and-run, long-term storage service" for you.
For details on the details of the report,"Free Long-Term Storage Service"for the following:
Diameter: 470xH450 (mm)
Taisho to early Showa period

Taisho Roman!! Green and Amber's two colors are magnificent. A big chandelier. DB4271.





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