In a square wooden box with mokume flowing moist、
Put in a pumpkin-shaped pot.、
It has become a very tasteful set.

It's a fire pit to keep the fire.、
If you put it in a wooden box, it is easy to carry and it seems to be able to move safely.

The appearance is also glossy and the taste of Japanese is enhanced、
How about creating an atmosphere as an interior with an atmosphere?

The price is 1 set (fire box and wooden box, 1 set each).

Please note that houseplants are not included in the product.

After your order, regarding the product that you have completed payment、
We have a"free long-term storage service", so please use it by all means.
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Small box: 176x176x80 (mm/wdh) Heating: Diameter: 115xH80
Taisho to early Showa period
宅急便 80サイズ

Elegant light brown firebox and tasteful wooden box set DB4252a 4 sets in stock



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