It is an antique chair that seems so sat-in-friendly that the nice skeleton decoration is characteristic.

Add a politely knitted decoration to the sitting surface, so
It's a soft, soft, soft atmosphere.
There's a retro oak material,
It has bright colors and sleek and cute faces.

How about a special leg that reminds us of the times in the study and living room?

The third photo is an image image of the time posted on the Instagram.
Please understand that the items are not included in the product.

Just as you can use it with relief,
Because we are firmly restoring our workshop, we can use it immediately.

After your order, you'll have to pay for the product you've completed.
Please use it because we have a free long-term storage service.
With regard to the details,"On free long-term storage services."See you.
420x393x873 (wdh) seat: 443
Taisho to early Showa period
ヤマト家財宅急便 Bランク

Antique chair DB1319, where skeletal decoration makes elegant silhouettes



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