We have a lineup of stick-shaped confectionery molds that can be used to make small patterned items together.

a: 7 animals (sold)
b: 5 chestnuts (sold)
c: 4 magatama (sold)
d: 8 small birds
e: 7 birds

Are really subtle facial expression is changed for the hand-carved
That is one of the attractions.

The price is the price of one piece.
There are two types, d and e, depending on the pattern and quantity, so please select when ordering.

Please contact us if you need more than the number listed.
We have a large amount of stock in various sizes and types.

If you wish to purchase in bulk, the shipping fee may change.
Please contact us in advance.
Taisho to early Showa period
宅急便 80サイズ

Confectionery type DB1288a-e stock (a: 0 b: 0 c: 0 d: 1 e: 1) that can make many of the same patterns with a rod-shaped type

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