This is a confectionery that is designed to be the best of good luck in the celebration.

p: photo sold to the left of the left (turtle)
q: photo-front, right (sea elders) in a business conversation
r: photo left-back (cranes) selling
s: photograph, right-to-back (pine), sold

This is done, so you can use it at once.

The price is priced at one price.

Since there are four different picture patterns, please select it at the time of order.
p:176x102x48 q:179x98x46  r:186x106x47 s:180x96x49(wdh)
Early Showa period
宅急便 60サイズ

Db0058pqrs Inventory (p: 0 q: 0 s: 0) with good decorative ornament

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