A lot of opportunities to touch
You can learn from the difference of the color of the drawer.

Make a simple warabi-te and round ring handle together
You can feel a taste that repeated times.

Mill and folding tools of "tonbo" Supplied in the four corners of the wooden frame
Familiar with the color of the old colored old color
It will improve the taste of Japanese.

As a coffin to organize costumes, antifestures, accompanying accessories,
Or it is wonderful to be a storage furniture that organizes a port or accessories.

How about making a spatial spatial of Japanese?

Professional artisans are carefully restored in our studio.
I hope you can use it with peace of mind without stress
Movement of the fixture and the movement of the draw (draw) and other necessary adjustments are completed.

The following is the same size of the drawer.
※ Since it will be a standard dimension, there are some errors depending on the measurement point.

1) drawers x2: 340x388x63
2) 708x388x76
3) [219x390x78] x2 (※ There is a partition inside)
4) 217x386x78
5) drawers x2: 152x380x150
6) 337x384x150
7) drawers x2: 336x382x150 (mm / wdh)

After ordering, for the product that you have completed payment,
Please use "free long-term storage service" at our company.
For details,"Free long-term storage service"Please refer to the.

size 780x438x700 (mm / wdh)
Age Meiji ~ Taisho
Material Keyaki, cedar
Dispatch form Yamato House Value BR rank B rank
Taisho to early Showa period
ヤマト家財宅急便 Bランク

Chests of drawers Ba9999

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