The face holding the magnificent eye of the ocean smooth eyes is
If you shake it from now on, the beauty will stand out
You will be a highlight of your room.

Size that is easy to install is also attractive,
The design of the bone crossing is
There is a modern beauty while clean.

How about one important unit that you want to go in the future?

Professional craftsmans are carefully restored in our studio.
I hope you can use it safely without stress,
Movement of the fixture and the movement of the draw (withdrawal) and other necessary adjustments have been completed.

The following is the same size of the drawer.
※ Since it will be a standard dimension, there are some errors depending on the measurement point.

1 181x235x89
2 181x235x90(mm / wdh)

After ordering, for the product that you have completed payment,
Please use "free long-term storage service" at our company.
For details, regarding the details,"About free long-term storage service"Please refer to the.

size 670x339x270 (mm / wdh)
Age Meiji ~ Taisho
Material zelkova , paulownia
Dispatch form Rakuraku Kazai Takkyubin A Rank
ヤマト家財宅急便 Aランク

Merchant Chest Ba9613

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