Because it is the wonderful design with the accent that let a leg have height,
I play an active part in various space including the study and the living.

The cabinet of the oak,
Because I let you feel good-quality さを with a nostalgic atmosphere,
The texture is very attractive.

While because there is a top at the position of the tall skirting, an accessory and a vase being displayed, and enjoying taste,
Please make use for the making of space with the attraction.

Re-a craftsman specialized in our company studio carefully; store it.
Be available without stress in peace,
I complete the movement or other necessary adjustment of movement and the drawer (drawer) of the housing part.

When, after an order, I relate to the product which had I pay and complete,
Because there is "free long-term safekeeping service" in us, please use it.
When I relate to detailed contents,About "free long-term safekeeping service"Give me をご 覧.

Size 1365x340x757(mm/wdh)
The times Taisho - early Showa(about 100 years old)
Materials Oak, cedar, veneer
Shipment form Yamato household goods Takkyubin C rank
ヤマト家財宅急便 Cランク

Cabinet Ba9376

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