The zelkova that is thinly connected to the colors that have increased in texture over the years is also wonderful.
In the center, a large decorative metal fitting that seems to be auspicious adds glamor to the solemn interior.

A gavel is also displayed on the one-sided hinged door at the hem, and a wish is put in it.
You can see how the craftsmen at that time made it with great care.

Please use it as furniture for an era with a beautiful view.

Below are the inside dimensions of the drawer.
* Since it is a guideline size, there may be some errors depending on the measurement location.

① 1000x390x165
Turtle door 200x350x80
⑥ Turtle door 200x350x100 (mm / wdh)

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size Overall: 1071x448x987
(mm / wdh)
Era Meiji-Taisho
Material Keyaki / Sugi
Shipping form Yamato household goods Takkyubin D rank

ヤマト家財宅急便 Dランク

Costume chest with decorative metal fittings shining in a delicate heather Ba9247

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