In the making with a profound feeling assembled with beautiful oak material that has been selected,
The thyme that shows the gorgeous flow is still being more and more quaint even after the times.

Considered to make effective use of the space under the stairs,
It is a traditional furniture designed to set up storage as much as possible according to the shape,
Large pull-out doors and drawers of different sizes
We make a device by taking advantage of the wisdom of our forees.

The saws of the fittings, drawers and stairs have a particularly wonderful view.
The attention of the craftsman who carefully cares every corner is transmitted.

When wild grass and pottery are placed step by step of the stairs
You can enjoy the gorgeous view with gorgeous colors.

How about it as furniture with a dignified presence that becomes the leading role of the room?

Each shelf board can be removed, so it is convenient to build it on the storage surface.

Our company's workshop is carefully restored by professional craftsmen.
So that you can use it with peace of mind without stress,
The movement of the fittings, the movement of the drawers, and other necessary adjustments have been completed.

It will be the following drawer inner dimensions.
Because it becomes a standard dimension, there is a slight error depending on the measurement point.

(1) 106x783x213
(2) 345x785x213
(3) 593x783x168
(4) 170x785x202
(5) 418x786x210
(6) 755x776x129 (mm/wdh)

The form of shipment becomes a household goods mail raku,
The upper part is the C rank, and the lower part is the F rank.
After your order, after we have confirmed the destination,
We will inform you of the total amount combined with the price of the product and the postage.

For products that have been paid for after your order,
There is a "free long-term storage service" at our company, so please use it by all means.
For details, please click"About free long-term storage service"For more information, please visit
Overall: 1810x890x1910 Top: 728x890x818 Lower: 1810x890x1093 (mm/wdh)
Eyaki Sugi

Front, Stairs Club Soso!! The taste of lacquer of the times is splendid.



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