For stylish shaped pillars up to a board with top board and luggage
The legs that support them firmly draw a large curve
The shape of the leg that feels like a style is very beautiful.

Four-equiloved taste
The eyes of the top plate that are carefully finished carefully are very beautiful
Use a calm colored material that calms around the edge
There is a modern and viable facing with a two-tone color.

I'm going to spend my tea time with an elegant atmosphere.

How about the terrace or garden break site etc.

Have you come with peace of mind,
We are looking forward to our workshops firmly.

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Diameter: 760xH640 (mm)
Early Showa period
Rahwan veneer
ヤマト家財宅急便 Cランク

Cocktail table Ba8104 of the form of the leg which I created gaiety to with beauty



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