The heavy metal fittings that tighten with the axe are very rare Akita Book Office Bowl which is high-quality has arrived.
The number of kites in the Akita region is very small, and it is very difficult to meet the kites up to this point.
There is a large one-sided turtle door with a band metal fittings.
It is wrapped in the charm to feel the age wearing a robust metal fittings.

When you open the turtle door, a fine drawer appears,
Because it is a book office bag that has been used to organize the book surface of sales, such as Inoya,
It is characterized by a design that can be divided into types.

Its appearance, which is highly condensed with stunning decorative metal fittings and a lot of drawer design,
It shows its presence firmly in the space.

As a high-quality furniture that is very well matched to the taste of Japanese,
Please use it forever.

Our company's workshop is carefully restored by professional craftsmen.
So that you can use it with peace of mind without stress,
The movement of the fittings, the movement of the drawers, and other necessary adjustments have been completed.

It will be the following drawer inner dimensions.
Because it becomes a standard dimension, there is a slight error depending on the measurement point.

(1) 573x426x77
(2) 2 cups of drawers 182x427x60
(3) 182x427x74
(4) 182x427x118
(5) 2 cups of drawer 348x400x60
(6) 348x400x75
(7) 2 drawers in front: 155x147x118/back: 155x234x105
(8) 2 drawers 265x428x118 (mm/wdh)

The drawer of (7) is divided into two and the back side is with a lid.

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Rare!! Custom-made design! Ba7556

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