with a unique graceful eye,
It's a very nice state to cover the whole thing.

Its gorgeous look and as if a pretty design as a chair were fascinating,
Two steps are divided into warehouses and flower pots, so you can create a nice space.

How about the interior furniture of the room or the store?

There are cracks in a few places, but it's natural.
Please enjoy the taste as well.

Just as you can use it with relief,
Because we are firmly restoring our workshop, we can use it immediately.

After your order, you'll have to pay for the product you've completed.
Please use it because we have a free long-term storage service.
With regard to the details,"On free long-term storage services."See you.
940x495 x 830 (mm / WDH)
Early Showa period
ヤマト家財宅急便 Cランク

The sack of the beautiful staircases with eyes and eyes.

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