The sleekness of chestnut ingredients is deep,
It feels the weight of the times with the old texture of the golden tool.

I'm building a palm with a single door.
The reinforced, robust face-to-face with golden tools is also very attractive.

How about going to a room or a shop as a calm time furniture?

Our own workshop is politely listed by professional craftsmen.
Just as you can use it with no stress,
The movement of the building, the movement of the drawer (hikishi) and other necessary adjustments are completed.

The size of the drawer below.
Because it is a standard dimension, there is a little error depending on the instrumentation site.

1 844x385x115
2 596x400x150
3 596x400x150
4 202x400x60
5 Gameto 202x372x103
6 Gameto 202x372x105
7 844x385x195 (mm / wdh)

After your order, you'll have to pay for the product you've completed.
Please use it because we have a free long-term storage service.
With regard to the details,"On free long-term storage services."See you.
955x453 x 822 (mm / WDH)
ヤマト家財宅急便 Cランク

Width 955mm! ! Rare size! ! The best costume chest of tasteful expression Ba6802



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