The front curved glass, the delicate iron leg, is the most modern glass case in the glass.

to use curved glass, which is the graceful curve of the front,
a pillar or metal fixture that can be modified to change the position of a glass plate
This is a very rare product.

of a light shade of oak wood
It's a beautiful design with an iron-legged pun. It's very nice.

There are seldom design superistness of design.
How about a bookcase for a store or a collectors case for a room?

A professional craftsman is politely restored in our company's workshop.
Don't worry, you can use it with no stress.
The movement of the fittings and the movement of the drawers, and other necessary adjustments, have been completed.
720x515x1335 (wdh)
Taisho to early Showa period
Oak Veneer
ヤマト家財宅急便 Dランク

a modern bald-legged glass case with a glass of curvature that is visible to the inside of a glass of curved glass

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