The kumagama made in the vertical lattice produced the shadow of the shadow.
Traditional Japanese style produces a modern atmosphere.

Because it is a building of warm wood color
Perfect for arranging your room with bright colors
Elegant hemp Kumiko adds flowers.

How would you like a partition for your room or shop?

A professional craftsman at our company
The completion of confirmation of looseness of the wrinkles of the fittings by using age.
In the long term perspective, when it is necessary to be based on our criteria,
The repairing work necessary is carried out.

Price is 1 price.
I will sell from two sheets.

After the order, the payment was completed
We use "free long term storage service".
For more information, seeAbout free long-term storage servicesSee.
404x30x950 (mm/wdh) /1 - sheet width: 20-inch, H934
Taisho to early Showa period
宅急便 160サイズ

A large, elegant, elegant and elegant Emma e8497

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