The door of the frost glass swam with the pier
It's very beautiful, and if you open it to the left and right,
A rounded drawer with a trigger
I look out.

The A3-sized papers are also available.
There are eight cups, so I'm going to have to organize them for each purpose.
It's also long in practical terms.

I feel a great retro taste that I can see in my eyes
Help as storage furniture.

Our own workshop is politely listed by professional craftsmen.
Just as you can use it with no stress,
The movement of the building, the movement of the drawer (hikishi) and other necessary adjustments are completed.

The following is the inner dimension of the drawer.
Because it is a standard dimension, there is a little error depending on the instrumentation site.

1 drawer 8 cups 326x270x35 (mm / wdh)

After your order, you'll have to pay for the product you've completed.
Please use it because we have a free long-term storage service.
With regard to the details,"On free long-term storage services."See you.
Taisho to early Showa period
Oak Sugi (disambiguation)
ヤマト家財宅急便 Aランク

A document case Ba8824 that shows a great Roman on the door of a frosted glass blend

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