Width 344 mm a: left edge of the photo (sold) b: right edge of the photo (picture right, lower one stock)
To change the number of horizontal bars to make a lattice with a good view
It is decorated with lotus flowers and leaf sculptures, and the atmosphere is wonderful.

The warmth of the wood is transmitted by the bright color.

How about a partition fitting that creates an atmosphere full of Japanese atmosphere?

Professional craftsmen in our own workshop
We have completed the confirmation of loosening and wobbly of the fittings by using them over time.
In addition, from a long-term perspective, when we determine that it is necessary based on our standards,
We are carrying out the necessary re-tightening of fittings.

The price is one piece.

Because there is a, b by the difference of the picture,
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344x29x913 (mm/wdh) / 1 sheet 框 width: 20 Inner dimensions: H896
Taisho to early Showa period
宅急便 160サイズ

A dignified Shoin E7123ab stock with lotus flower and leaf carvings (a:0) b:1)



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