In the second picture, I have an alphabet of between a and g,
Please confirm.
a, g is about to be sold

Confectionery of various patterns, such as the grasswood of the lucky charger and a simple shape, were available.

It is a recipe that can be enjoyed by a number of pictures of the same picture.
I'll show you the flower peas with a simple pattern of lime.

It's so rich in kind.
How about a plaything in the room, with a few of them on the wall and on the tansu?

The price is one price.

because you have a picture and a different size from a to g,
Please fill in the number of the alphabet in the notes on the Form-to-form entry screen.

After your order, we have received your payment with respect to the product.
We have a "free-and-run, long-term storage service" for you.
For details on the details of the report,"Free Long-Term Storage Service"for the following:
382 ~ 458x20 ~ 30x75 ~ 103 (mm / re)
宅急便 80サイズ

A variety of sweet, hand-held confectionery DB3104a-g stock (a: 0 b: 1 c: 1, 1 e: 1 g: 1 g: 0)

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