Yu Ninomiya

The times when such a good thing is born and was made are it in a moment in Japan. ItI want to tell.


In a visitor and communication to be born only in oneself.


Ninomiya who takes the role of an intermediary tying a visitor and a craftsman. It is a main role that manage until delivery of goods while receiving the demand from a visitor, and suggesting an idea, and telling the craftsman of the studio in order to make it form. Not only I tell, but also perform the work by oneself. "Talks" with a visitor and a craftsman and the curio furniture. I feel the world to be born with the visitor whom I cannot make by the conversion of simple words only in an old fortune hermitage and do work spinning every day.

It likes working silently to sell. Ninomiya that time opposite to each is very important. Top right corner: I often wake you up in a drawing from 1. The lower right: Tools of the Ninomiya habitual use. Turn; "is odd", and the な hammer is made in particular. The modern tool messenger who made much of speed.

It is not the normal world. If there is not thought to continue it.



When "I look objectively and let an old thing rebear daringly to here, and the work is not common to already send you out once in the world ," Ninomiya is it. "I am usable from the day when I bought it, the product of the old fortune hermitage is antique". I perform repair and adjustment as it is not thought at the normal. "It is no use to continue it every day if there is not really thought". It is simple, but may be that "thought" is the real nature of a visitor and a bridge connecting the old fortune hermitage.

A word from a representative

Ninomiya is a hard worker wrestling for work eagerly very positively.
In addition, the word to be exhaustive and painstaking is a way of good work because I like the first explanation in an old fortune hermitage. For the hope of the visitor, I accumulate the know-how that I can lead to the direction of the relief without the unreasonableness while making full use of the knowledge of the processing side.